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Get the most out of the Enneagram so you can finally experience lasting change. 

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If you keep trying to change, but nothing ever sticks WE NEED TO TALK 

You're tired of feeling like you're...

too much, too weird, too shy, too moody, too loud, too serious, too reckless, too anxious... the self criticism NEVER ENDS. 

Can I just get a damn step-by-step outline to fix my life! 

But everything you have tried has left you with an unused yoga mat, a goal tracker that is never filled out, and a life where you keep making the same mistakes.

You’re ready for a better way. Personality typing that actually creates lasting change.

That's where I come in...


Your Enneagram blueprint for lasting change is waiting to be discovered

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Check out my process on how to reach your goals with the Enneagram

Step 1: Learn the Enneagram 

If you're like me, you just want someone to tell you what you need to know? On the Enneagram Guide Podcast. We make the Enneagram practical, fun, and easy to understand.

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Step 2: Learn Your Enneagram Type

We will collaborate to figure out why you are the way you are. Your Enneagram type is the key to help you get control of your life. You're going to feel called out, and you're going to love it. 

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Step 3: Put the Enneagram to Work (coming soon) 

Learning Your Type is important, and so is putting it to work. This will be opening soon.   


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You know something needs to change, but everything you try falls flat. Maybe something is wrong with me. 

Not True! If what you’re doing isn’t working it’s because you were never taught how to be self-aware- that’s where the Enenagram comes in. It helps you learn how to make lasting change because it works with your personality type instead of against it. It takes way less time than you think, and the transformation is way bigger than you could even imagine. Together we will determine your enneagram type and map out a step-by-step plan so you can take control of your life.

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"Angie! Holy Toledo! My typing session was literally life-changing and I can’t thank you enough! It was wonderful to have confirmation of my type, but even more so that you were able to give me insight that I couldn’t see on my own. Our conversation happened exactly when I needed it and gave me so much to reflect on. I am forever grateful. ❤️

You definitely have a gift!"

-Nikki (type 6) 


Angie, You are amazing . . . Approachable, inspirational, resourceful and downright personable! I thoroughly enjoyed and appreciated our time together. It was easy opening up to you during my typing session. I’m excited to explore all the resources you’ve shared with me!!
-Susan (type 1) 

I'm Angie

When I’m not doing ceramics, snuggling with my dogs, Sasha and Valkyrie, I’m using the Enneagram to help my people find lasting change. 

I’m over trying to use effort and willpower to reach goals (it doesn’t work… I’ve been there). I know firsthand what it’s like to set goals only to get knocked off track a week, or let’s be honest a day later. That’s why I use enneagram focused personality typing to help my people achieve lasting change, true self worth, and a life where they thrive instead of survive.


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The Enneagram is the missing piece to help you take control of your life.

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My Enneagram Typing Session with Angie was AMAZING! Her style is collaborative and empowering. She helped me make purposeful shifts in my thoughts and behaviors that have helped me accomplish my goals-Lyz (type 4) 

Like free stuff? Who doesn’t? You’ll love my Enneagram Core Motivations Cheat Sheet 

Start your enneagram transformation today with my free Enneagram Core Motivations Cheat Sheet. You’ll learn the most important aspect of each type in under 10 minutes. You can’t figure out your type until you are familiar with all 9 core motivations. You can also use it to compare your type with your family’s, friends’, coworkers’, or partner’s type. 

Tell me how I can get your cheat sheet to you today! 

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Come find me on the Enneagram Ego Death Podcast.

Is it just me or are all the enneagram websites too simple and too complicated at the same time? Not on the Enneagram Ego Death Podcast. We make the Enneagram practical, fun, and easy to understand. I know this sounds extreme, but I’m going to say it anyway… it will change your life- and it’s a lot less work than you think.  

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