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We need to talk if...

you keep planning to meditate, exercise, budget, and finally have that conversation with your partner, and it’s just not happening. 

🙅🏻‍♀️No, it’s not your Fault

👍🏼Yes, there is something you can do about it

It’s because you need action steps that are personalized for you. You can’t be successful with habit trackers, exercise routines, and relationship advice that work against your personality type. You need to know your enneagram type so you can know what works for you.

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That AHA moment where you finally understand why you are the way you are.


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And learn why you are the way you are.  


You’re ready to finally get control of your life. The only problem? You keep getting in your own way. You struggle to stick to a plan, and you feel like you’ve tried it all. Taking the Free Enneagram Quiz will help you discover your unique personality so you can quit efforting so hard and make real changes.

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✓ Make lasting change without the constant efforting

✓ Stop picking fights with everyone you love

✓ Stop spinning out at the smallest problem

✓ Stop asking yourself “Why do I keep making the same mistakes over and over?”

✓ Finally, get control of your life with a tool that actually works.

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Mel (type 6) 

"I have always wondered about my enneagram and have had questions about which type I was. I had a hunch I was either a type one or a type 6 after reading descriptions, but taking this quiz really helped me verify that I am indeed a six! After finishing this quiz I can't wait to learn more about my type and how to be more understanding of myself!"

 Rebecca (type 7) 

"Angie is an amazing enneagram coach and mentor! She provides details of each trait and explains how you can authentically show up in your career, personal goals and relationships! Discovering I was a 7 helped me understand my innate need of adventure & wanting life to be a party (for everybody), while also embracing the more mundane day to day tasks. I am also able to understand others better and improve office morale based on the enneagram! I highly recommend taking Angie's quiz!"



Figure out your Enneagram type so you can:


💕 have better relationships

👍 have habits you love

🍃 have true ease in your life. 

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